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If you’re aiming to initiate your Florida Real Estate journey as an agent or broker, or if you’re seeking license renewal or enhancement, you’ve arrived at the perfect destination.

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Mortgage Loan Originators, once known as mortgage brokers, are currently in great demand. The collaboration between KLR School of Real Estate and The CEShop is here to assist you in acquiring and upholding your MLO license effectively.

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The partnership involving KLR School of Real Estate and The CEShop provides comprehensive educational resources essential for those aspiring to become Trainee or Certified Appraisers. Additionally, there are opportunities for license renewal courses to ensure your continued active status.

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Contractors rely on AHIT American Inspectors for obtaining and upkeeping their licenses, along with fulfilling the necessary continuing education requirements in the state of Florida. The partnership involving KLR School of Real Estate, The CEShop, and AHIT American Inspectors…

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Florida has a high demand for licensed Community Association Managers (CAMs). Achieve or renew your license through classroom, livestream, or online education.


Core Values Statement

By embracing the core principles of KLR School Of Real Estate, we empower our students to become knowledgeable, ethical, and successful professionals who contribute to the growth and sustainabifity of the real estate industry.

KNOWLEDGE:  We are dedicated to providing comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge to our students, empowering them to excel in the real estate industry.

LEADERSHIP:  We strive to cultivate leadership skills and qualities in our students, enabling them to make a positive impact and become influential figures in the real estate field.

RESILIENCE:  We instill resilience in our students, preparing them to navigate challenges and adapt to the ever-changing dynamics of the real estate market.

SUPPORT:  We offer unwavering support to our students, providing guidance, mentorship, and resources to ensure their success throughout their real estate journey.

OPPORTUNITY:  We create opportunities for our students to network, collaborate, and grow, opening doors for their personal and professional advancement.

RESULTS-ORIENTED:  We are committed to delivering tangible results through our comprehensive educational programs, equipping our students with the skills to achieve their goals in the real estate industry.

EXCELLENCE:  We strive for excellence in all aspects of our school, from our curriculum to our faculty, ensuring that our students receive the highest quality education and training.

Courses Designed Just For You!


KLR School of Real Estate’s classroom sessions take place within a learning environment akin to contemporary universities and colleges. Seasoned instructors from the industry will lead you through the content, offering ample opportunities to pose questions and actively participate during the course.


Desiring the benefits of traditional classroom education but from the convenience of your home or office? KLR School of Real Estate’s livestream courses bring the classroom experience directly to your computer or tablet. Guided by a live instructor, you’ll effectively complete your course.


Through online courses, you have the flexibility to complete your education at your preferred pace. Our state-of-the-art online courses seamlessly integrate written content with videos and interactive modules to smoothly guide you through the material. Furthermore, you’ll enjoy ongoing instructor support for any inquiries that may arise.